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Department of Elderly Care

Welcome to Department of Elderly Care


Life Care & Holistic Health Care- To be an Elder Care Professional.
Educational Objective

Life Care & Holistic Health Care- To be an Elder Care Professional.

Full-service is to meet the needs of elder in the physical, psychological, social, spiritual, life, cultural, environmental and leisure levels. It also accomplishes with individual characteristics of

human care and health maintenance to achieve the elder people have a high quality of life.


We aim to develop three types of Career Targets -"Care Service", "Care Management" and "Health Promotion" as the department-based curriculum. Students will have the ability for care
management and plans designing in individual, family, organization, and community.
Curriculum Planning

The core competencies of the curriculum subjects include "Care and Management Competence", "Caregiver R & D Capability", "Basic Competence" and "General Competence"

It also includes Comprehensive Care for Life, Comprehensive Study of Long-term Care, Comprehensive Assessment of the Elderly, Comprehensive Social Work, Human Behavior and Social

Environment, Program Design and Evaluation, Elder leisure activities design and planning, Institutional Management ,and Management of multiple elderly care courses.


Industry Cooperation
We emphasize both theory and practice. Students practice in University of the Third Age, visiting or internship in industries, communities and hospitals. We also arrange industry experts to
give lectures, to teach practical experience. At present, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation between industry and academia, such as industrial organizations, communities and hospitals.

Future Perspectives

Ø Obtain Employment:
Employment of full service as following:
◎ Elderly care- Services in the area of care and support for the elderly, caregiving, assistive counseling, event design, health care management in the home, community or institution.
◎ Health promotion for elderly --- Such as: community health for the elderly to create, Elderly education, support services for the elderly, the elderly leisure travel, the elderly sports and fitness services, etc.).
◎ Care management -- Engaged in care managers in the county and city or manage supervision work.
◎ Elderly Care Industry – work innovation, design, marketing, management at supplies and industry for the elderly.
Ø Advanced Studies
 You can apply for graduate school in health care, well-being of science and technology, adult education, gerontology, life and death, social work, counseling, or study abroad.