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Department of Elderly Care

Welcome to Department of Elderly Care

Teaching Research

一、Curriculum Planning

The core competencies of the curriculum subjects include "Care and Management Competence", "Caregiver R & D Capability", "Basic Competence" and "General Competence".The concept is based on general education and holistic education. We also cooperate with the center of aging and the community needs. The students will have ability to take care and mange social work for elderly.


二、Teaching planning

1.Strengthen general education and foreign language skills.
To train elderly care professional.
Professional with social welfare / social workers.
三、Research Planning
Work on cross-professional researches, cooperative with others schools to produce industry cooperation research programs, and establish the first Education Center for Elderly Care in central Taiwan.
四、Industry Cooperation
1.We emphasize both theory and practice.
Students will practice in University of the Third Age, visiting or internship in industries, communities and hospitals.
3.Work on cooperation between school and industry or hospital.